Gamania Hong Kong History

Gamania Digital Entertainment[HK] Co.,Ltd stepped foot in the Hong Kong market and established Gamania Hong Kong in June 2000. Gamania Hong Kong is the largest online game operators in Hong Kong with the largest number of registered members. The core business of Gamania Hong Kong is online game operation including games with Hong Kong local server and Taiwan server co-location.

Gamania History

In 1995, Gamania started out as a personal R&D studio with four members. Shortly, the studio was incorporated and named Full Soft, engaging in game developments such as "Eclipse", "Golden Train", etc. Among the games, The Convenience Store was a best-seller in the Taiwan market in 1999. In Asia alone, it was sold more than 1.2 million units. Later, Full Soft was renamed Gamania.

In 2000,building its name as a top publisher for renowned online games such as Lineage Gamania's next focus is on presenting top quality products from in-house development studios to every corner of the world. Gamania, as the leading PC online game publisher and developer, has been providing high quality online game service to the customers in Asia over the past decade. Gamania's ultimate goal is to become a leader brand in digital entertainment industry and to build up global digital entertainment experience for all customers across the world.