In June 2000,established Gamania Digital Entertainment[HK] Co.,Ltd.
"Lineage天堂"-became the first MMORPG with huge promotion (the prize of a competition is a Porsche car) and also the first online game hire artist, Gigi Leung, to be the game spoken person.
Launch "Convenience Store 2" PC Game and record sales hits 1,000,000 units in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lay the foundation for development.
"Eternal Chaos"-launched in Hong Kong.
Cooperated with global giant game developer Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) on launching "EverQuest" online game.
First online business game "Gersang巨商" launched in Hong Kong.
"Lineage II"《天堂2》 -launched in Hong Kong.
"Shutokou Battle Online"-launched in Hong Kong.
"Gersang巨商" -lead in the innovative business model – Free model with optional virtual item selling with item mall.
"Ever Quest II East" -launched in Hong Kong.
"Mabinogi瑪奇" -launched in Hong Kong.
"Heat Project"- The first"First Person Shooting"online game was Launched in Hong Kong,the addition of well-known Mong Kok's map makes the game became the most fancy game in Hong Kong.
"Gersang巨商"- one of the Top 10 winner of the Yahoo Buzz Awards 2005 of "Top searching."
NAO, a character in "Mabinogi", was awarded for the Best Leading Female Character in the The-Best-Game-I-Love contest by ZENITH 2005"(Hong Kong).
Gamania cooperated with 7-Eleven on the first purchasing GASH point service "i-GASH".
"Grand Chase"-launched in Hong Kong.
Self-developed game "Super Rich" launched in Hong Kong
"Gersang" was awarded for the Favorite Brand of Junior-High Students by Metroshowbiz FM88.7 (Hong Kong).
Self-developed game "Cococan" launched in Hong Kong.
"Dance Online"-launched in Hong Kong.
"Getamped-"launched in Hong Kong.
For improving customers' gaming experience, Gamania and Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited worked very closely and implemented a dedicated international broadband line (to Taiwan) for online game players.
Self-developed game "Bright Shadow" and Ocean Park Halloween Bash to launch a large number of admission discount coupons
"Maple story"-launched in Hong Kong.
Gamania and 3HK launched the very first mobile phone number value added (GASH points) 7x24 convenience purchasing service tog.
"Gersang巨商" Received award in the Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2008--"Best Online Game."
"Counter Strike Online"-launched in Hong Kong.
"Chibi Online 赤壁Onilne" -launched in Hong Kong . "Wylie Chiu", to be the game spoken person.
"beanfun!" -launched in Hong Kong.
"Fantasy Earth Zero"Received award in the PC Market- Best of I.T.Award 2009 --Best Local Online Game.
Facebook game developers for the first time with a number of cooperation, have more choices to the GASH members.
"ELsword~艾爾之光"-launched in Hong Kong.
"Divina幻月之歌" -launched in Hong Kong.
"XW Hero玄武豪俠傳" -launched in Hong Kong.
First game with CTM to launch download line and construction of broadband networks dedicated to further enhance Macau's gaming players.